Sales success with tailored trade stats

A great portion of your sales success depends on the market information you have at your fingertips. On the one hand, it is essential to cultivate your personal and online industry network in order to exchange on latest market and company developments. On the other hand, quantitative data like month-on-month import/export market volume developments and average market pricing by country are typical staples in the commercial toolbox. Many chemicals and material industries are closely monitoring import volumes from China, Russia, Korea or other low cost countries.

Without having the luxury of a great business analyst (and I think everyone should have one! Hello Paul! Hello Cully!), it will be tedious to aggregate, consolidate and visualise the big data obtained. You might also risk to purchase expensive subscriptions providing data not tailored to your requirements.

Contact me if you are interested in affordable bespoke trade reports and charts (for example like the image above)!

I am working with an expert provider who can tap into various databases and who will tweak & tune reports to your needs, including your company templates & logos. Any trading material with a Harmonised System (“HS”) trade code can be monitored.

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