How your babies help you do better business

Our twin babies are the greatest joy we have. I realised very early after the birth of Maurice and Fleur that, contrary to my thoughts, they give us actually much more than we give them. Babies make you a parent and put you on a very steep learning curve! You learn how to improve on a wide range of key skills that are important in business life:

Time management: Where has all the time gone? Flexible time seems to be reduced to the short sleeping intervalls. Parents need to tidy up, wash bottles, prepare milk etc. before getting “we”-time or, rarely, getting “me-time”. Planning and rigerous execution of the schedule help, but in the end it is flexibility and multiple-tasking which do the trick!

Communication: This is the single most important skill. Babies really benefit from constant re-assuring and communication. Not understanding any meaning of the words, they will listen to your intonation, melody, mimik and gestures. If you can get your babies excited about a business topic, chances are that you will strike a chord with more educated people as well!

Work/life balance, quality vs quantity: Whereas in worklife the focus is more on the predictable QUALITY of work, for the family it is more about the predictable QUANTITY of time you spend with your loved ones.

Financial planning: We all want the best for our kids. They grow so fast in their needs that you quickly end up reassessing finances and start to almost think entrepreneurial. How do you pay those new car seats, the people carrier, the University savings account?

Aren’t we blessed with the growth opportunity our babies give us?

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